Danish at companies

UCplus Dansk offers Danish courses in collaboration with several companies across Denmark.

The Company Classes are conducted 100% online and take place after working hours together with other company students – or  as an inhouse Danish Course in agreement with your company. See which companies we coorpoate with in the roll-out below.


▷ You strengthen your career options and prepare yourself for the Danish labour market.

▷ You build and strengthen your proffesional and social network in Denmark.

▷ You get access to official Danish exams and tests

▷ We have flexible schedules matching a busy work life

▷ We focus on Danish that you use in your everyday life aswell as professionally.

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The official Danish Language Education programme (Danskuddannelse) consists of 6 modules and participating in the language classes is free of charge if you are eligible for Danish Language Education. After signing up, you pay a deposit of DKK 2,000 which can be refunded once you have passed a module.

Attending a Danish Language Education programme gives you the Danish qualifications you need for your job and to get by in general as a resident in Denmark. Knowing Danish is important to getting a good start and building a network. The Danish Language Education at UCplus also allows you to take the official Danish exams and tests.

Besides the language, we help you get started using public digital platforms and provide you with useful knowledge of Danish culture, history and labour market. You will meet other international professionals in Denmark, so you can establish a network.

The Danish Education programme at companies is aimed at those who:

  • come to Denmark to work
  • are employed at a company in Denmark collaborating with UCplus Dansk
  • are entitled for Danish Education

To attend free of charge, you must be entitled to the Official Danish Language Education. You are entitled for up to 42 months (3½ years) within a five-year period. The five-year period begins when you arrive in Denmark. You must have a residence permit and permanent, legal residence in Denmark.

You do not need to have any knowledge of the Danish language before starting a Danish Language Education programmes.

If you are no longer entitled to the Official Danish Language Education, you have the option of paying for a module. The price is DKK 5000,- excl. test and DKK 6000,- incl. test.

Company Classes are held 100% online or at the company. It depends on the agreement UCplus Dansk has with your company.

We start up new classes on an ongoing basis. After signing up, we will invite to a short interview within 2-5 work days, so we can hear more about your background and get you started.

Before the interview you pay your deposit to attend the course here. You can get your deposit refunded once you have passed a module..

When we have received your deposit payment, we will ask your municipality to approve you for the Official Danish Language Education programme.


Do you want to offer Danish lessons for your employees? Sign your company up here.

Read more about rules, deposit and ‘klippekort’ here.

Would you like to enrol in a Company Class?

Sign up for the for a Company Class at the company you work for, and we will contact you within 2-5 business days.

You can also sign up by telephone on: 44 87 01 66​