Ready for the PD3 exam after just 1.5 years of online Danish lessons with UCplus

Jan Lierz fell in love with Denmark during a family vacation to Jutland in 2018. He wanted to return and chose Aarhus University for his master’s degree. He also wanted to learn Danish and opted for online lessons with UCplus as this gives him flexibility to balance his university studies. After just 1.5 years of lessons, he is now preparing for the PD3 exam.

Anna kursist

Jan Lierz wanted to learn Danish and opted for online lessons with UCplus as this gives him flexibility in relation to his university studies.

Start Danish lessons as soon as possible

Originally from Düsseldorf, Germany, Jan Lierz holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. In August 2021, he started his master’s degree in Information Management at Aarhus BSS (Aarhus University – School of Business and Social Science), while also beginning online Danish lessons with UCplus.

“I knew Danes were good at speaking English. But I wanted to be able to communicate without English. So, for me, it was important to learn Danish. And it was important that I started learning the language as quickly as possible.”

Online lessons and daily practice

Jan chose online learning because it was easy to combine with his studies during the day. He found Danish and German to be similar, so reading Danish was not too difficult. Pronunciation, on the other hand, can be a bit of a challenge, but attending lessons helped.

“Our lessons always start with each of us speaking a bit, like telling what we did over the weekend. And it really helps that we speak in all the lessons.”

But Jan was also determined to use Danish outside of lessons.

“When I go grocery shopping, I always try to speak Danish. I say, ‘I’m not from Denmark, I’d like to practice my Danish.’”

Song lyrics and daily conversations

English is spoken a lot at the university, so Jan has been looking for ways to speak Danish. For example, he applied for student jobs and became a student assistant at a large auditing firm in Aarhus, where he speaks Danish with his colleagues.

At home, he listens to Danish podcasts like ‘Danish Coffee Break’ and Danish music from artists such as Peter Sommer and Thomas Helmig, who are also from Aarhus.

Jan has enjoyed studying in Aarhus, both because of the student life and the city’s location by the sea. He is very fond of Denmark, because he thinks it is an exciting country with a lot of good ideas, and he particularly likes Danish architecture and interior design.

He would like to stay, so in addition to preparing for PD3 and completing his university studies, Jan is also writing job applications to Danish companies.

We wish Jan the best of luck with both the PD3 exam and his job search!

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