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At UCplus Language Center Sønderborg, we offer FVU Danish. We also offer teaching at all levels of the official Danish Education 1, 2, and 3. The education is free and is structured according to the European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). We provide teaching at our language center in Sønderborg, online, and at companies and educational institutions. This includes locations such as SDU Sønderborg, SDU Esbjerg, and AAU Esbjerg.

Our teachers have extensive experience helping all our students get through their coursework and fulfill their ambitions. Our ambition is to get every student well underway in Denmark through high-quality Danish lessons.

You are always welcome to contact our administration in Sønderborg at  +45 31 18 31 89  or

See how UCplus’ online teaching gives you:


  • A permanent teacher who knows your needs
  • Classmates with whom you can network
  • The freedom to participate from wherever it suits you best

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UCplus Language Center Sønderborg
Sundsmarkvej 12
6400 Sønderborg

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UCplus Language Department Sønderborg
Videnspark Alsion 2
6400 Sønderborg

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Monday: 8-17
Tuesday: 8-14
Wednesday: 8-14
Thursday: 8-17
Friday: 8-12
Saturday-Sunday: Closed

You are always welcome to contact our administration in Sønderborg at  +45 31 18 31 89 or

You are also welcome to contact Language Center Chief Isabella Farnleitner at +45 53 63 21 76 or

All our teachers either have completed or are currently undergoing the education to become teachers in Danish as a second language. This ensures high-quality teaching for you, regardless of which Danish course you participate in.

In Sønderborg Municipality, UCplus Language Center Sønderborg has been selected as the official provider of the Danish education program.

We offer classes both day and evening throughout the week, as well as on Saturday mornings. The teaching takes place in our centrally located facilities in the city and at our many online classes. This means there is always a class that suits your specific needs.

The teaching is tailored to your level, and you will have a dedicated teacher who follows your group until the module test. A common feature is our strong focus on enhancing your language skills – both spoken and written – and teaching the Danish you need in your everyday life, both professionally and socially.

The teaching ensures that you can use Danish in your daily life, gain knowledge of Danish culture, and pass the module tests and final exam within the set time frame.

UCplus organizes excursions and events where you can network and have the opportunity to use your Danish outside the classroom.

We offer Danish education in Sønderborg Municipality with teaching centrally located in Sønderborg, and you can participate in our Danish education program no matter where you live. Some live nearby, while others work close enough that it fits with their work life to attend classes in Sønderborg.

In doubt?

You are always welcome to call us at +45 44 87 01 66, if you are unsure what the best way to learn Danish is for you.