Danish for International Students

We offer the official Danish Education to international students at a number of higher education institutions throughout the country – several of these in Copenhagen. Classes take place on campus so you can fit your Danish Education into your schedule. You also have the option to sign up for “Danish for international students” if you are employed at a higher education institution or spouse to an employee.

Danish Education is divided into six modules. Once you have passed a module, you will proceed to the next. As you proceed, your speaking, reading, listening, and writing skills will gradually improve. We focus on the vocabulary you need to master as a student and in a future job.

You education concludes with an examination which you can use for applying for a permanent residence permit, among other things.

If you already speak some Danish, another option is FVU. FVU is Danish language classes free of charge, focusing on reading and writing.

We offer Danish classes here:

  • BAAA – Business Academy Aarhus
  • CISPA – Copenhagen International School of Performing Arts
  • DDSKS – Danish National School of Performing Arts
  • DMJX – Danish School of Media and Journalism
  • DPU – Danish School of Education
  • DTU – Technical University of Copenhagen
  • EASV – Business Academy Southwest
  • ITU – IT University of Copenhagen
  • KADK – The Royal Danish Academy of fine Arts
  • Niels Brock
  • RMC – Rythmic Music Conservatory
  • SDU Sønderborg – University of Southern Denmark
  • Zealand Academi of Technologi and Business