Danish for international students

If you come to Denmark to study, you can enroll in the Official Danish Language Education for international students at your educational institution, combine with online lessons or study 100 % online.

The official Danish Language Education programmes are free of charge from July 1st 2020 with a deposit of DKK 2000.

The Danish Language Education programmes give you access to official exams and a good start in Denmark. The programmes are offered at three levels, each consisting of six modules. You will be offered to start at exactly the level that suits your years of schooling and your qualifications.

Free mobile subscription
When you are registered and active at the Danish Language Education programme at UCplus, you will be offered a free mobile subscription. You are registered, once you have paid the deposit.


As an international student, Danish Language Education 3 (DU3) will often match your level.

Danish Language Education 3 is divided into five modules.

Modules 1-4 are completed with an official module test.

Module 5 is completed with an exam in May/June or November/December called Prøve i Dansk 3 (DP3) (Test in Danish 3).

When you have passed PD3 you can continue on a 6th module and finish with Studieprøven. Once you have passed the Studieprøven exam, you can apply for admission to a study programme taught in Danish in Denmark.

Why attend a Danish Language Education programme?

A Danish Language Education programme gives you the qualifications you need for your job and study programme and to get by in general as a citizen in Denmark. Knowing Danish is important to getting a good start as a new citizen. The official Danish Language Education programme at UCplus also allows you to take the final test Studieprøven (the study test)  and to apply for admission to study programmes at certain educational institutions. 

On the Danish Language Education programmes at UCplus, we also help you get started using public digital platforms. We provide you with useful knowledge of Danish culture, history and labour market, and you will meet other international students in Denmark so you can establish a network.

Where and when?

You can learn Danish at UCplus’ Language Centres in Copenhagen, Skovlunde, Greve and Farsø, as well as at a number of educational institutions.

We have classes consisting of a combination of online lessons and classroom lessons day or evening.

You can also take the programme 100% online.

You make your choice after your preliminary consultation.

Classroom lessons may, for example, take place at one of the following educational institutions with which we collaborate:

DDSKS – Den Danske Scenekunstskole (The Danish National School of Performing Arts)
DTU – Danmarks Tekniske Universitet (Technical University of Denmark)
DMJX – Danmarks Medie- og Journalisthøjskole (Danish School of Media and Journalism)
EAAA – Erhvervsakademi Aarhus (Business Academy Aarhus)
EASV – Erhvervsakademi Sydvest (Business Academy Southwest)
ITU – IT-Universitetet i København (IT University of Copenhagen)
KADK – Det Kongelige Danske Kunstakademis Skoler (The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts’ Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation)
RMC – Rytmisk Musikkonservatorium (Rhythmic Music Conservatory)
SDU Sønderborg – Syddansk Universitet (The University of Southern Denmark)
KEA – Copenhagen School of Design and Technology
Niels Brock – Niels Brock Copenhagen Business College
CISPA – Copenhagen International School of Performing Arts
EASV Sønderborg – Business Academy Southwest
EASV Esbjerg – Business Academy Southwest
AAU – Aalborg University Copenhagen
KU – University of Copenhagen
DPU – Danish School of Education

You choose whichever suits you the best.

Who can attend the Danish Education programme for international students?

The Danish Education programme for international students is aimed at those:

  • who come to Denmark to study
  • are employed at an educational instituion
  • are married to an employee at an educational instituion

We start up new classes on an ongoing basis. After signing up, you will within 2-5 work days get information from us about study start and deposit payment.

You can pay your deposit now here. You will get your deposit back, once you pass the module test. 

When we have received your deposit payment, we will ask your municipality to approve you for the Official Danish Language Education programme. 

Rules, deposit and ‘klippekort’

Read more about rules, deposit and ‘klippekort’ here.

Would you like to enrol in the Danish Language Education programme for international students?

Sign up for the Danish Language Education programme for international students here and we will contact you within 2-5 business days.

You can also sign up by telephone on: 44 87 01 66​