Studieprøven Course

Studieprøve Course prepares you for Studieprøven, which is the highest exam in the Danish Langage Education system. The exam tests at the European C1 level and is the entry requirement for a wide range of training programmes. In the classes we work systematically with the Danish skills that the examination assignments require.

Studieprøven Course

Anyone who wants to work hard and who masters a good level of oral and written Danish may attend. For example, a good level of Danish means a PD3 exam with good grades, a good FVU4 or a level of Danish that you have acquired in other ways. We do not require a specific grade, but we test whether it would be realistic for you to take the exam. The most important thing is the effort you put in, and here you should expect a certain pressure on our part.

If you recently moved to Denmark, you may find our guide on being new in Denmark interesting.

The tuition is free, if you are to the Official Danish Language Education. You would then have to pay a DKK 2000 deposit, which is refunded once you have passed a module test. If you are not entitled to Danish Language Education, the price, including the exam, is DKK 6000. This also applies, if you wish to study from abroad.

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Material for both classroom lessons and online work has been developed by Anders Basby, who teaches the classes. All material is available online and written assignments are turned in by email.

The day classes have two mornings a week (a total of 6 lessons) of language exercises, feedback on written assignments and group discussions.  In addition, expect at least 6 hours of work at home – partly online.

The evening classes have one evening (4 lessons) a week with feedback on written assignments, language exercises and group discussions, and also at least 6 hours of work at home – partly online.

Online students must expect 10 hours of work every week of self-directed listening, reading and grammar exercises as well as written assignments. In addition, 1/2 hour of individual Skype training, including feedback on assignments.

New classes start in January 2021

Day classes
Days: Tuesday and Thursday
Time: 9.00-11:35
Place: International House, Gyldenløvesgade 11, København (near Vesterport st.)

Evening classes
Day: Tuesday
Time: 17.00-20.30
Place: International House, Gyldenløvesgade 11, København (near Vesterport st.)

The material is available on – you will receive login information, once deposit payment has been made. We plan and adjust the Skype training continuously.

Exam: Written exam: 17/5, oral exam between 14/6 and 25/6



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