FVU is for you who want to improve your reading and writing skills. The course is free of charge, but you must have some knowledge of Danish language to be admitted.

At FVU, we focus on texts that are important to you. Whether you work or study in Denmark, you need to be able to read, write and understand various texts. The texts that you come across in your everyday life are the texts we will work with at FVU.

You can use FVU Reading level 4 to apply for Danish citizenship. Furthermore, you can use FVU reading levels 2 and 3 to apply for permanet residence in Denmark. The combination of FVU Reading level 4 and FVU Mathematics level 2 you can use to apply for admission to vocational training programmes.

In addition, FVU is a great supplement to the advanced modules of Danish Education.

FVU Start, FVU Reading, FVU Mathematics

FVU (Preparatory Education for Adults) consists of: FVU Start, FVU Reading, and FVU Mathematics.

  • FVU Start prepares you for the course FVU Reading. This course is adapted to foreign nationals for which reason you will also be practicing oral Danish besides written Danish.
  • FVU Reading is divided into four levels (trin). Each level concludes with a test (trinprøve). Passing the test will qualify you to advance to the next level. At FVU Reading we will work intensively with grammar, reading strategies, and vocabulary.
  • FVU Mathematics is divided into two levels. We will work with the mathematical issues you come across in your everyday life – at work and as a citizen. You will do exercises with numbers, tables and figures, among other things.

Get started with FVU

FVU courses are free of charge, but you have to speak Danish at a certain level. To make sure we find the right class for you we invite you to a screening before you start.

We offer day classes, evening classes and online classes at FVU.