FVU Danish Courses

FVU stands for ‘Forberedende voksenundervisning’ (Preparatory Adult Education) and is a free offer for those who want to become better at reading and writing Danish.

UCplus Dansk offers three FVU Danish courses:

FVU start – a preparatory course for the FVU reading course. The course is aimed at foreigners with basic Danish skills and the focus is on oral language skills.

FVU Danish – a course divided into four steps. For each step, you will become better at reading and writing. Each step concludes with a step test before you move on to the next step.

FVU mathematics – a course divided into two steps. For each step, you will become better at working with everyday situations involving figures.

Other FVU courses:

FVU English – a course for those who want to become better at speaking, reading and writing in English, e.g. in connection with their work.

FVU digital – a course for those who want to become more familiar with the digital platforms in Denmark and at work.

FVU Danish Courses (5)

The FVU courses are divided into steps. Each step is concluded with a test before you move on to the following step.

FVU courses focus on the texts that are important to your daily life. In most workplaces and educational institutions you need be able to read, write and understand texts in Danish. The texts that you meet in your day-to-day life are precisely the texts we use on our FVU courses.

Completing a FVU courses may, for example, enable you to:

– Apply for a permanent residence permit in Denmark with FVU Reading steps 2 and 3.

– Apply for Danish citizenship with FVU Reading step 4.

– Combine FVU Reading step 4 with FVU Mathematics step 2 to apply for admission to a vocational education programme.

If you have recently moved to Denmark or plan on doing so, you may found our guide interesting: New in Denmark.

You can take FVU courses at UCplus’ Language Centres in Copenhagen, Skovlunde, Greve, Aarhus, Silkeborg and Ringkøbing.

Our classes combine online teaching and classroom teaching day or evening (blended learning).

You can also take FVU courses 100% online.

You choose your course after your preliminary consultation.

Those who already have some knowledge of Danish, but who would like to improve their reading and writing.

FVU courses may also be a supplement to a Danish Language Education programme.

Once you sign up on this page, we will invite you to a preliminary consultation.

At the consultation, we will talk about your background and qualifications.

This is to help you find the right FVU course for you.
You can then start on an FVU course.

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