Danish lessons online

Take the official Danish Education online – from all over Denmark

Danish lessons online

Take the official Danish Education online – from all over Denmark

Do you want to learn Danish online?

At UCplus you can learn Danish by participating in the official Danish Language Programme free of charge and 100% online, giving you access to official tests and a good start in Denmark. The curriculum is organized based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

The Danish lessons are just as they would be in a classroom – just virtually. You can both see and hear the teacher, you can raise your hand, speak and do group work with others on the same Danish level as you. So you don’t have to show up at the school but can log in from wherever it suits you. It can be from work, at home or maybe from your vacation. Danish lessons are at fixed hours 1-2 times a week.

In addition to your regular online class days, you practice from home with exercises in e.g. Danish grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary that your teacher has prepared especially for you. Your teacher gives you feedback on your exercises and assignments, so you quickly get better and better at Danish.

In order to participate in the Danish course, you must be eligible for the Danish Language Programme and pay a DKK 2000 deposit.

Flexibility and quality go hand in hand

See how UCplus' online teaching gives you:


  • A permanent teacher who knows your needs
  • Classmates with whom you can network
  • The freedom to participate from wherever it suits you best

Benefits of learning Danish online

  • You get all the benefits of traditional Danish classes – but in a more flexible way
  • You learn Danish pronunciation, reading and writing
  • You have a regular teacher who knows you and your goals
  • You can practice at home with customized online Danish exercises whenever it suits you
  • You get feedback from your teacher on all your assignments, so you can get even better at speaking and writing Danish
  • You will learn about Danish culture, history and society

To participate,
you must

  • Have a computer with internet access
  • Be eligible for Danish Language Education
  • Be able to attend an initial interview and module testing at one of our language centres
  • Pay a DKK 2000 deposit
  • Be prepared to learn a lot

Sign up for Online Danish Education at UCplus

We will contact you within 2-5 working days and invite you to a pre-meeting at one of our language centers.
You can also register via telephone: +45 44 87 01 66

More about the Official Danish Education

Official Danish Language Education (7)

As a new resident in Denmark, you are encouarged to learn Danish. The Danish Language Education is the offcial programmes offered at 3 levels. Level 1 and 2 are divided into 6 modules, which finishes with the tests: Prøve i Dansk 1 (PD1) or Prøve i Dansk 2 (PD2). Level 3 finishes after 5 modules with Prøve i Dansk 3 (PD3). After passing PD3, you can continue on a 6th module and finish with Studieprøven. Once you have passed Studieprøven, you can apply for admission to a study programme taught in Danish in Denmark.

In the first two modules on all three Danish Language Education programmes, we focus mostly on oral skills and on getting you ready to speak Danish at your job and on your study programme. In the following modules, you will gradually become better at speaking, reading, listening to and writing in Danish.

The Danish Language Education programme is the official Danish education, that gives you the qualifications you need for your job, study programme and to get by in general as a resident in Denmark. Knowing the language is important to get a good start in a new country. That is why we on all levels focus on the Danish you need. In your everyday life, at your study and at work.

On the Danish Language Education programmes at UCplus, we also help you get started using public digital platforms. We provide you with useful knowledge of Danish culture, history and labour market, and you will meet other new residents in Denmark so you can establish a network.

The Official Danish Language Education programmes at UCplus are offered to adults (+18 years). You are entitled to the Official Danish Language Education for up to 42 months (3½ years) within a five-year period. The five-year period begins when you arrive in Denmark. You must have a residence permit and permanent, legal residence in Denmark.

You do not need to have any knowledge of the Danish language before starting one of the three Danish Language Education programmes.

If you no longer have the right to the Official Danish Education, you have the option to pay for a Danish module yourself. Contact UCplus at 44 87 01 66 for more information about the price

You can also improve your Danish through our FVU courses (Forberedende voksenundervisning – Preparatory Adult Education).

You can learn Danish at UCplus’ language centres in CopenhagenSkovlundeGreveRingkøbing and Silkeborg as well as at a number of educational institutions.

We have classes consisting of a combination of online lessons and classroom lessons day or evening (blended learning).

You can also attend the programmes 100% online.

You make your choice after your preliminary consultation.

Sign up
You sign up on this page.

We will contact you
Within 2-5 working days after your registration, we will call you. We book time for a preliminary consultation and guide you in paying the deposit.

Pay deposit
You pay the deposit of DKK 2,000 to enrol in Danish Language Education before or at the consultation. Deposit can be refunded once you have passed the module test.

Preliminary Consultation
The preliminary consultation takes place at one of UCplus Dansk’s locations. We talk about your background and clarify which level you should start at. We will also find a class for you that suits your wishes for place and time.

Receive welcome e-mail
After the preliminary consultation you will receive a welcome e-mail with your start date, time and location.

The Voucher System expired on July 1st, 2022. Read here, how this may affect you, if you began your Danish Education Programme prior to July 1st, 2022.

If you began your Danish Education Programme prior to July 1st, 2022, and have not used all of your vouchers, you will continue as before.

You must still complete each module according to the rules regarding deposit.

If you’ve already used you vouchers, you are not eligible for further education under the Danish Language Education Programme.

As a self-supporting student you are required to pay a deposit of DKK 2000 at the beginning of your Danish Language Education Programme. The amount will be reimbursed in full upon completion of a module by means of a module test or final examination within the nominated timeframe.

If you do not complete your module within the nominated timeframe, you risk losing your full deposit of DKK 2000 and will be required to pay a new deposit if you wish to start on the subsequent module.

The rules for deposits apply to all language centers, and UCplus administers the deposit on behalf of your municipality. This means UCplus has no authority to make individual rulings when it comes to reimbursing deposits.

Au pairs and family reunification students are exempt from paying a deposit, but your municipality has the final say on whether you are required to pay a deposit, in accordance with Danish law.

*If you wish to receive a full reimbursement, you must pass the module test within the nominated timeframe

How to complete your Danish Language Education with a good result

UCplus wants you to complete your Danish Language Education with a good result and we hope that you are able and willing to put in the extra effort. We highly recommend that you participate actively in class and that you complete the assigned homework. If you are unable to attend class, we kindly ask that you inform us. If you are unable to attend a few classes, your teacher may assign you additional homework.

Please be aware that long periods of non-attendance may result in loss of deposit. If you need a long break, regardless of reason, we highly recommend that you contact our administration, so that we may help you in the best possible way.

We aim to be flexible

If you wish to change your schedule, to a different time or a different day, please contact our administration, and we will attempt to find a class that is better suited for you.

Module test

Each module in the programme concludes with a module test, which may be a written test, an oral test or both. When your teacher thinks you are ready to take the test, you will be given a date for the test. UCplus’ teachers administer the test in accordance with ministerial guidelines.

Learn Danish at all our language centres

We also offer all levels of the official Danish Language Programme at our language centres in Copenhagen, Greve, Silkeborg, Ringkøbing, Sønderborg and Tønder as well as at a wide range of educational institutions and companies. You always have the option to switch between online classes and classroom instruction at school, if your needs change. You can read more about that right here.


Online Danish lessons help Tahereh in a busy everyday life

Online Danish lessons help Tahereh in a busy everyday life

As an international researcher and mother of a two-year-old boy, Tahereh has a busy life. Originally from Iran, Tahereh is very happy to be living in Denmark, and she is determined to learn Danish, so that she can talk to her son, who is learning Danish at his daycare. She also wants to be able to speak Daish, so she van be a part of Danish life and society. In order to have time for it all, she attends UCplus’ online Danish classes, because it gives her the flexibility she needs.

read more

In doubt?

You are always welcome to call us at +45 44 87 01 66, if you are unsure what the best way to learn Danish is for you.