Danish for Scandinavians

If you speak fluent Swedish or Norwegian, this course is tailored for you that want to learn or just become better at speaking Danish. The course is also tailored for you wo are an Icelander and have learned Danish, and for Swedish-speaking Finns.

The course is held online and at UCplus Language Center Copenhagen in International House.

Danish for Scandinavians

You must be able to speak fluent Swedish, Norwegian, have learned Danish as an Icelander or be a Swedish-speaking Finn.

In the first part of the course (module 4) we focus on the significant differences between Danish and Norwegian / Swedish, and you learn to communicate in everyday situations (orally and in writing). Not least, you will master Danish pronunciation.

In the second part of the course (module 5) we discuss social and cultural topics (in Denmark), and you learn to express yourself (more) nuanced in Danish in speech and writing. The course will prepare tou to attend Danish studies and jobs.

You pass Danish Language Education 3, modules 4 and 5. The course finishes with a PD3 exam.

The course is free for you who are entitled to Danish Language Education, however, a deposit of DKK 2,000 must be paid, which you get back at the end of the course, when you pass the test.

If you are not entitled to Danish Language Education, the price, including exams, is DKK 6000 . This also applies if you want to study from abroad.

You can pay the deposit here.

New classes start January 2021

The course starts on January 18th, 2021 and goes on until the PD3 exam in June 2021.

Classes are online on Mondays and with physical attendance in Language Center Copenhagen, International house on Wednesdays. Both days at 17-00-19.35.



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