What kind of Danish courses do you have?

We offer Danish Education and FVU. Danish Education is the ministerial education, which is offered to all foreigners in Denmark. FVU is a free Danish course. To be admitted at FVU requires that you have some knowledge of Danish language already. Both Danish Education and FVU is found as online learning and face-to-face class learning.

When does Danish classes take place?

You find our schedules in UCplus Booking. If you are a student at one of the higher education institutions, where we offer Danish lessons, your Danish classes will take place after your ordinary classes.

Where does Danish classes take place?

We teach at two locations in Copenhagen (Nørregade 31 and Drejervej 15), and we teach in Greve and in Farsø. The Danish- and Driver Education Programme is found in Skovlunde. Furthermore, we teach students, employees and spouses to employees at many higher education institutions throughout the country. You can see our language centers on a map here. We teach our online classes on the internet.

What do I have to pay for Danish lessons?

The tuition fee for Danish Education is DKK 2,000 per module. Each Danish Education is divided into six modules, but at Danish Education 3, you conclude module 5 with an examination (PD3). FVU is free of charge, but you cannot attend if you are at beginner’s level.

How do I sign up for a Danish course?

You can sign up for Danish Education, FVU and Danish for International students by filling in our registration form. When we receive your registration, we invite you to an interview. If you sign up for FVU we invite you to a Danish language screening to find you level.

How do I sign up for an examination?

Both independent students and students at UCplus can sign up for The Danish Language Examinations, “Indfødsretsprøven”, and “Medborgerskabsprøven” under Examinations. Independent students must pay a fee to register, and is not enrolled until the payment is completed.

Who can sign up for a Danish Language Examination?

Students at UCplus must be on one of the finale modules to sign up for a Danish Language Examination.

  • Dansk Education 1, module 6: Prøve i dansk 1
  • Dansk Education 2, module 6: Prøve i dansk 2
  • Dansk Education 3, module 5: Prøve i dansk 3
  • Dansk Education 3, module 6: Studieprøven

As an independent student, you can sign up for a Danish Language Examination whatever you level.

What is a “klippekort”?

You will get a “klippekort” if you attend Danish Education (not FVU), and you are a student, an employee, married to someone working in Denmark, working as an au pair or reunited with family in accordance with EU regulations.

A “klippekort” implies that you must complete your Danish Education within a certain period. You will have one klip (a unit) for each module of your Danish Education. A “Klippekort” consist of units (klip). E indicates for how long you can attend each module, and how much time you have to complete your Danish Education.

If you make sure to attend classes and do your homework, you will most likely be able to complete your Danish Education much sooner and well in advance of the maximum of 3 ½ years which is the total length of time on your “klippekort”. Nevertheless, you need to be aware of the terms and conditions relating to the “klippekort” – especially if you put your Danish Education on hold for a period.

Here, you can read more about the rules concerning the “Klippekort”.

How long does it take to learn Danish?

How long it takes to learn Danish is individual. It depends on which languages you already speak, how often you speak Danish and how much time you spend on homework. However, we do have a schedule of average execution times for each module.

Online or Face-to-Face

You can attend Danish Classes online or at one of our Language Centres.
Please fill out the form, and let us help you find the right course for you.