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All self-supporting citizens (employees, beneficiaries of unemployment benefits, students, accompanying spouses, EU/EEA citizens or au pairs) are eligible for a Danish Language Education Programme offered by the municipality of Copenhagen.

You must complete your Danish Language Education within the time limit granted by Danish law – a total of 3 ½ years in a five-year period.

Once you enroll, you will receive vouchers corresponding to the number of modules you need to complete your Danish course.

Each voucher is valid for a limited number of months and may affect the total amount of time you are given to complete your Danish Language Education. If you do not finish a module within the nominated timeframe, the next voucher will be activated.

This means that you must pay attention to the timeframe of each voucher. In between modules or after passing a module test, it is possible for you to suspend or pause your voucher. We urge you to speak with your teacher or our administration, if you intend to take a break from Danish class, so that we may help you make the best decision.

Course participants at UCplus Dansk must be taking one of the final modules in order to register for a Danish exam:

  • Danish Language Education 1, module 6: Prøve i dansk 1 (PD1)
  • Danish Language Education 2, module 6: Prøve i dansk 2 (PD2)
  • Danish Language Education 3, module 5: Prøve i dansk 3 (PD3)
  • Danish Language Education 3, module 6: Studieprøven (the final Study Exam)

If you are a non-course participant, you can sign up for a Danish exam regardless of your level.

It is very individual how long it takes to learn Danish. It depends on your language background, whether you speak Danish in your day-to-day life and how much time you spend on your homework. But we have average times for how long our course participants use to finish the individual modules.

We offer the Official Danish Language Education programmes (DU1, DU2 and DU3) and FVU Danish courses. The Danish Language Education programmes are the official Danish Language Education programmes offered free of charge to all new residents in Denmark. FVU (Forberedende Voksen Undervisning – Preparatory Adult Education) are free Danish language courses. You must know some Danish already to start a FVU course. Both the Danish Education programmes and FVU courses are available as online classes and classroom teaching.

You can attend Danish classes at UCplus Dansk day, evening, weekend and 100% online.

We offer classes at 4 locations in Copenhagen and at our language centres in Greve, Skovlunde, Aarhus, Sønderborg, Ringkøbing and Silkeborg.

The Danish Education and Driver’s Training programme (Dansk- og Chaufføruddannelsen) is only offered in Skovlunde.

We also teach Danish to students, employees and spouses of employees at a number of educational institutions across Denmark.

See all UCplus language centres here.

The Danish Language Education programmes are free of charge with a deposit of DKK 2,000, if you are entitled to Danish Language Education.

See more here.

When you are registered and active at the Danish Language Education programme at UCplus, you will be offered a free mobile subscription. You are registered, once you have paid the deposit.

FVU courses are free, but you must know some Danish already to take a course.

See more here.

You sign up for all our courses under each course page. Once we have received your registration, you will be invited to a preliminary consultation

The goal of the preliminary consultation is to evaluate your Danish level and which Danish course might suit you best.

See our Danish courses here.

Both non-course participants and course participants at UCplus can sign up for the Danish exams (Prøve i Dansk 1, 2 and 3), the Danish Citizenship Test (Indfødsretsprøven) and the Active Citizenship Test (Medborgerskabsprøven).

See and sign up for exams and tests here.

Non-course participants must pay a fee and are only registered when payment has been made.