Online Danish lessons for Germans

UCplus can help you learn Danish, even though you do not live in Denmark

Learn Danish online before you move to Denmark

Do you have a dream of living and working in Denmark?

Start with online Danish lessons before you move and improve your chances of finding a job.

The Danish lessons are just as they would be in a classroom – they just take place online.

You can both see and hear the teacher, you can raise your hand, speak and do group work with others at the same Danish level as you. You don’t have to show up at the language centre, instead you log in from wherever it suits you. It can be from work, at home or maybe from your vacation. Danish lessons are at fixed hours 1-2 times a week.

Flexibility and quality go hand in hand

See how UCplus’ online teaching gives you:


  • A permanent teacher who knows your needs
  • Classmates with whom you can network
  • The freedom to participate from wherever it suits you best

Benefits of learning Danish online

  • You get all the benefits of traditional Danish classes – but in a more flexible way
  • You learn Danish pronunciation, reading and writing
  • You have a regular teacher who knows you and your goals
  • You can practice at home with customized online Danish exercises whenever it suits you
  • You get feedback from your teacher on all your assignments, so you can get even better at speaking and writing Danish
  • You will learn about Danish culture, history and society

Q & A

Online Danish lessons for Germans (4)


You participate online with attendance via Teams once a week.
The teaching is fixed on a fixed weekday between 17.00-20.00.

You will receive supplementary and individually tailored online exercises, so you can practice Danish whenever it suits you.

3 lessons once a week for 12 weeks.

Price in total for the entire course: DKK 2988

Annemette Knudsen, Language consultant
Phone: +45 31751521