Online Danish lessons help Tahereh in a busy everyday life

As an international researcher and mother of a two-year-old boy, Tahereh has a busy life. Originally from Iran, Tahereh is very happy to be living in Denmark, and she is determined to learn Danish, so that she can talk to her son, who is learning Danish at his daycare. She also wants to be able to speak Daish, so she van be a part of Danish life and society. In order to have time for it all, she attends UCplus’ online Danish classes, because it gives her the flexibility she needs.

Anna kursist

As an international researcher and mother of a two-year-old boy, Tahereh has a busy everyday life, but she still finds time to learn Danish, because she attends UCplus’ online Danish classes.

Learning Danish is important

Tahereh and her husband moved to Aarhus from Iran in 2021. They are both employed as researchers at Aarhus University. Tahereh spends her working hours  at the Center for Quantitative Genetics and Genome Research, where she works on a project that investigates whether certain genes lead to type 2 diabetes. 

Many of her colleagues also come from abroad. The working language at the Center is therefore also English, and naturally she speaks Persian when she is with her husband and their son. As a researcher and parent of a young child, she already has a lot to do. Consequently, it requires an extra effort to find the time and energy to learn Danish as well. But Tahereh thinks it is important that she learns Danish. 

“It is important that I learn Danish. My son has started learning Danish at his daycare, and it is important that I can understand what he is saying when he speaks in Danish. I would also like to be able to communicate properly with the pedagogues and generally be able to talk to people I meet outside the university.”

Online teaching: flexibility and skilled teachers

In order to have time for both her work and her family, Tahereh has chosen to complete the Official Danish Education by attending online classes. She is happy about the flexibility it gives her to be able to follow the lessons from home. And she is very satisfied with the teachers because they are skilled and because the teaching is relevant.

Tahereh does not think that Danish is that difficult to learn. At least not the grammar. Danish grammar is much easier than Persian grammar, she says with a smile. On the other hand, she, like many others, thinks that it is somewhat more difficult when she has to speak Danish herself, and especially the Danish pronunciation can be a bit of a challenge. But she takes on the challenge and continues to practice the tricky Danish vowels sounds.

“If I set my mind on something, I do it. I practice as much and as often as I can, for example when I have to go shopping. And then I watch Danish television. It’s often with my son, so we watch Peppa Pig together .”

Delightful Denmark

When Tahereh came to Denmark, it was the first time she had traveled out of Iran, and life in Aarhus is very different from the life she had been used to in the city of Sharekord, which is located well inside Iran about 500 km south of Tehran. But Tahereh is both curious and ready to adapt, so she has become very happy with her new life in the north.

“I find that people are really friendly and helpful here. And it’s a quiet country, which is nice. I also think that Denmark has a really good education system, so I’m happy to be here.”

Tahereh is wolring hard to complete the Official Danish Education. She has recently passed the module 3 test, and she has now moved on to module 4. Her goal is to continue until she can take the PD3 test after module 5.

Learn Danish with UCplus

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