Welcome to the Danish Language Education Programme at UCplus Sønderborg


UCplus Language Center is the official Danish Language Education center in Sønderborg from January 2024.
You can attend free of charge, and the curriculum is organized based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

You can find us here:

Sundsmarkvej 12, 6400 Sønderborg


Getting Started with Danish Classes in 2024
If you are already a student, you have received an email directly with your schedule during December.

If you are a new student and wish to enroll inDanish classes, please call us, and we will help you get started.

If you have employees who need to learn more Danish, we can make an offer for your company.


Contact Us

If you have any questions, you can contact our administration by phone: +45 31 18 31 89  or mail: soenderborg@ucplus.dk


Reception Opening Hours
From 2/1/24, the reception at Sundsmarkvej 12 will be open from 8:30 AM to 3:00 PM on all weekdays.

You are also welcome to call or send an email to language center chief Isabella Farnleitner, if@ucplus.dk or call at: +45 31 18 31 89 .

See UCplus’ online Danish Education

See how UCplus’ online teaching gives you:


  • A permanent teacher who knows your needs
  • Classmates with whom you can network
  • The freedom to participate from wherever it suits you best
Welcome to UCplus Sønderborg (7)

We offer classes on all levels:

Danish Education 1, Module 1-6 (DU1)

Danish Education 2, Module 1-6 (DU2)

Danish Education 3, Module 1-5 (DU3)

Danish Education 3, Module 6 (Preparation for The Proficiency Test)


The final exams:

Danish Language Examination 1 (PD1)

Danish Language Examination 2 (PD2)

Danish Language Examination 3 (PD3)

The Proficiency Test (Studieprøven)


Further exams:

The Active Citizen Exam (Medborgerskabsprøven)

The Citizenship Test (Indfødsretsprøven)

UCplus is delighted to offer you access to our new app mit UCplus. You can find mit UCplus on your mobile and your computer.

This is how you log on
You log on to mit UCplus here: mit.ucplus.dk
Your username and password are in the info-mail, you receive from UCplus.

Here you are able to
When you are logged on, you will have an easy to navigate overview of your enrollment at UCplus and can
✔ See your schedule
✔ Receive messages regarding changes to the schedule
✔ See your attendance record
✔ See which books you have borrowed (Copenhagen)
✔ Receive messages from your teacher
✔ Get free access to download and use the entire Office-package from Microsoft
✔ Get direct access to Teams, allowing you to follow classes online as well
✔ Get access to all of UCplus’ online materials
✔ Find links to instructional materials and digital dictionaries
✔ Change your password

If you require help
You can always ask your teacher for help with login on to mit UCplus, and if they are unable to do so, they can refer you to one of our power users.

As a self-supporting student you are required to pay a deposit of DKK 2000 at the beginning of your Danish Language Education Programme. The amount will be reimbursed in full upon completion of a module by means of a module test or final examination within the nominated timeframe.

If you are taking a break from class in between modules, you are entitled to have your deposit refunded. You can get the refund by filling out this form. 
Please note that you’ll be asked to pay the deposit again when you resume classes. We can also freeze your deposit, while you are on break.

If you do not complete your module within the nominated timeframe, you risk losing your full deposit of DKK 2000 and will be required to pay a new deposit if you wish to start on the subsequent module.

The rules for deposits apply to all language centers, and UCplus administers the deposit on behalf of your municipality. This means UCplus has no authority to make individual rulings when it comes to reimbursing deposits.

Au pairs and family reunification students are exempt from paying a deposit, but your municipality has the final say on whether you are required to pay a deposit, in accordance with Danish law.

If you wish to change your schedule, to a different time or a different day, please contact our administration, and we will attempt to find a class that is better suited for you.

Each module in the programme concludes with a module test, which may be a written test, an oral test or both. When your teacher thinks you are ready to take the test, you will be given a date for the test. UCplus’ teachers administer the test in accordance with ministerial guidelines.

Module tests are planned for each class. All module tests are in-person, including online students, and are held in UCplus’ locales.

Your teacher will register you for the final exam when you are ready to finish your Danish Language Education. If you’re enrolled in the final module, you can take the final exam free of charge.

Danish Language Education 1, Module 6 concludes with Prøve i Dansk 1
Danish Language Education 2, Module 6 concludes with Prøve i Dansk 2
Danish Language Education 3, Module 5 concludes with Prøve i Dansk 3
Danish Language Education 3, Module 6 concludes with Studieprøven

The final exams are held twice a year in May/June and November/December