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To move to Denmark has been an adventure with language and sports

Silviu’s adventure in Denmark stretches from Skive to Silkeborg and includes both language, jobs, and a big kayaking competition as the icing on the cake. Read on to find out how UCplus in Silkeborg and sports are helping Silviu become proficient in Danish.

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Silviu loves challenges, and this year he will both pass the final exam in his Danish education and sail a marathon in a kayak .

A new start in Denmark

“Moving to Denmark has been an adventure,” says Silviu Constantinescu.

It all started when Silviu’s sister was employed as a doctor at Viborg Hospital. Silviu visited her in 2017 and quickly realized that he also wanted to live in Denmark. A few months later, he moved with his family from Galati in eastern Romania to East Jutland.

Silviu is originally a food engineer, but since he couldn’t speak Danish at first, he has had jobs in a variety of other professions. He started learning Danish in Skive but had to stop when the job took up too much of his time.

But now Silviu has a plan; in 2023, he will get to be proficient in Danish, and he will find work in the food industry.

He is already well underway with the first part of his plan. Three days a week, he drives from his home in Bjerringbro to UCplus in Silkeborg, where he works hard on his Danish. Reading and writing Danish isn’t so bad, but it’s challenging to speak Danish. However, he is an optimist by nature and continues to work on it.

“I believe that every challenge can be an opportunity to create a new perspective. There are opportunities everywhere; we just have to identify them and have the courage to use them in our interest.”

Silviu uses sports to improve his Danish

Silviu has also found a place where he can practice his Danish when he’s not at UCplus.

Back in Romania, Silviu was an avid kayaker, and he has discovered that he can use his love for kayaking to become proficient in Danish too.

He has become a kayaking instructor at Ans IF Søsport, where he teaches both children and adults. So, while he helps the club’s members master sailing techniques, he is also training himself in Danish.

Silviu likes challenges, so he signed up last year for Tour de Gudenåen, where he kayaked the marathon distance of 42.2 km. It was tough, but also beautiful, so Silviu wants to participate again this year. He aims to get another medal. And at the language center, he is looking forward to passing the final module test in November.

UCplus wishes him good luck with both challenges!

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