Online Danish lessons were the perfect solution for Indian IT consultant in Aarhus

Utsav Jain originally qualified as a software engineer in India. A brief work assignment in Denmark in 2017 marked the beginning of a journey into Danish language, culture, and working life. And now, Utsav has in many ways reached his dream destination. He has secured a job he is truly passionate about with a major Danish consulting firm, and after passing the Danish language test 3 (PD3), he has obtained permanent residency in Denmark.

He tells us what learning Danish has meant for him and, based on his own experiences, offers three pieces of advice to others who wish to learn Danish and work in Denmark.

Anna kursist
As an IT consultant, Utsav Jain travels a lot, making UCplus’s offer of online Danish lessons a perfect solution for him.

Learning Danish opens many doors – both professionally and socially

When Utsav first arrived in Denmark, he felt out of place because he could not speak Danish. He found that his lack of language skills created barriers for him, making it difficult to form new relationships. He sensed the need to start professional and structured language lessons, but the training had to be compatible with his frequent travels for work. With help from colleagues, he found out that UCplus offers online Danish lessons.

“UCplus’s online lessons were the right solution for me. The flexibility suited my busy schedule, and the interactive approach kept me motivated. My teachers guided me patiently, reminding me that even small steps are progress.”

Learning the language and immersing himself in Danish culture and values have made a significant difference for Utsav. The barriers no longer exist, and now he can communicate much better.

“I’m a valued friend and colleague, not just the quiet IT guy anymore. I can finally express myself clearly. I can understand the news and chat with neighbors, and now I feel like part of the community in a way I didn’t think was possible.”

Danish Lessons paved the way for permanent residency

Utsav has long dreamed of settling in Denmark, so it was a significant and important step for him to take the Danish lessons and prove he had passed the PD3 exam, which then led to him obtaining permanent residency:

“It was a door opening to a whole new world. It’s not just a piece of paper for me, it’s a symbol of belonging. It has given me a sense of security that means I can thrive both personally and professionally.”

Three tips if you are a newcomer in Denmark

Get help from your teachers

Learning Danish is not always easy. Remember, you can seek support from your teachers. Tell them how you’re doing, and they will definitely help you, so you can make progress.

Find your superpowers

Dedication, determination, and discipline are your superpowers. Dedication means focusing on learning Danish. Determination keeps you going despite challenges, and discipline helps you keep at it every single day.

Be kind to yourself

Learning a new language is an adventure! You leave your comfort zone, and you will meet challenges along the way. Remember to celebrate your progress, it makes the learning process much better.

Learn Danish at UCplus

UCplus offers the three official Danish Education programs, which grant access to official exams and a good start in Denmark. The education is offered at 3 levels, each consisting of 6 modules. You will be offered to start at the level that matches your years of schooling and your qualifications.

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