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Charity’s language journey with UCplus: From nervous beginner to confident speaker

When Charity first arrived in Denmark, she was apprehensive about speaking Danish with others. Three years later, she gave a graduation speech at UCplus, celebrating her impressive PD-2 exam result and her newfound confidence in addressing an audience in Danish. However, that’s not all she gained. Discover how she also found a sense of community and knowledge about Danish culture.
Anna kursist
Nigerian-born Charity is delighted to have completed her Danish course at UCplus in Greve. She’s also pleased that her daughter, Chimamanda, is growing up in a society where equal opportunities exist for both genders.

Charity delivered her graduation speech in Danish

“When we came to Denmark, we were afraid to speak Danish with others, but now we are really happy, because we can speak Danish properly.”

That’s how Charity began the speech that she and a fellow student wrote for a very special occasion: the graduation ceremony in June at UCplus Language Centre in Greve.

It was an unforgettable day for Charity from Nigeria, as she received certification for passing her Danish PD2 exam.

From hand gestures to fluent Danish

Passing the Danish test was a victory for Charity, which demonstrates her hard work over the past three years.

“This is the first time I’ve learned a new language. Danish is quite different from Ibo, the language I spoke in Nigeria.

When I first arrived in Denmark, I couldn’t even talk to my neighbour. I didn’t speak Danish, and she couldn’t speak Ibo or English. Back then, we communicated using hand signs, but now we can speak Danish together. And she’s always amazed by how much Danish I’ve learned.”

The advantages of learning Danish at UCplus

Charity feels she has gained immensely from her Danish course at the UCplus language centre in Greve.

“The best thing about the school is the patient and helpful teachers. They make sure that we build upon what we already know.”

Apart from becoming proficient in Danish, Charity also appreciates the friends that she has made and the knowledge she’s acquired about Denmark.

“I’ve made many friends at UCplus here in Greve, which is great because it means that I have more people to talk to.

We also learn about Denmark, and Danish society, e.g., topics like gender equality, which is very important. It’s good that both men and women can take maternity leave.”

The Official Danish Education helps you become a proficient in Danish

UCplus offers the three official Danish courses, granting access to official exams and a great start in Denmark. The courses are offered at three levels, each comprising six modules.

You will be offered to start at exactly the level that suits your years of schooling and your qualifications.

Learn more about the Danish course and register here.