UCplus helps foreigners fulfil their dreams of a job in Denmark

UCplus Language Center in Greve is a meeting place for people from many different countries. What they have in common is the dream of learning Danish and finding work in Denmark. They enjoy meeting each other at the language centre, where they not only improve their language skills but also have the opportunity to form friendships and create useful networks.

Anna kursist

Julianna, Bilyana, Maya, and Alexander take a quick photo break from their Danish lessons. They come from different countries, but all share the same dream of learning Danish and finding work in Denmark.

From Syria to Belgium – From Cosmetologist to Geologist

One only needs to take a quick look inside the classrooms at UCplus’ Language Centre in Greve to see that the centre provides a setting for people from different countries and with different educational backgrounds. However, they all share the same goal; to learn Danish and find work in Denmark.

22-year-old Julianna from Israel came to Denmark for love. She is trained as a cosmetologist and hopes to continue working in the industry as soon as she learns more Danish.

Bilyana is an economist from Macedonia. Her parents live in Denmark, and now she has come to the country to be close to them and dreams of finding work in the banking world.

Maya, 27, is from Syria, where she has a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering. She hopes to continue her studies at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU).

Alexander is a geologist from Belgium, specializing in soil contamination. His girlfriend has already found a job in Denmark, and now he is working hard on both job applications and Danish lessons, hoping to also find work.

Their diversity becomes a strength in the classroom, whether they are learning about Danish culture, sentence structure, or pronunciation, as they support and help each other through the process.

Danish is the key to the job market

Natalie came to Denmark when the war broke out in her homeland, Ukraine. She has expertise in didactics and learning and hopes to find a job as an educator.

“Danish is the key to finding work,” she says, and her study partner Eric, who came from neighbouring Germany, nods. They both really want to become proficient in speaking Danish and to become part of a community at a Danish workplace.

Anna kursist
Natalie from Ukraine and Eric from Germany agree that it is difficult to learn a language alone. At UCplus’ language centre in Greve, they get plenty of opportunities to speak Danish together.

Effective language lessons and networking

The students are happy that they are enrolled in the Danish language program at an official language centre because the teaching prepares them very well for their everyday life in Denmark.

Natalie is particularly pleased that she can learn Danish in a structured way:

“We work with both reading and writing, and it’s good that we focus on our problems and how we can improve them.

Moreover, she thinks it’s best to learn languages with others. Her classmate, Eric, nods and adds:

“It’s also fun to meet other people, and it’s good that we can get to network.

Julianna has also tried to learn Danish through an app, and although the app makes it easy and flexible, she has noticed that her Danish has improved after she started at the language centre.

“It’s easier to improve when you practice with real people.”

Last but not least, the students see it as an advantage that the teaching also covers Danish culture and social conditions. It’s easier to talk to Danes when you know a little about the country’s history and which traditions are important in Denmark.

UCplus helps you learn Danish properly

UCplus Language Centre Greve is located just 500 meters from Hundige Station at Frydenhøj Allé 73 in Greve. The language centre offers Danish instruction at all levels within both the Ministerial Danish Education and FVU Danish and Mathematics.

The language centre has 400 active students distributed across the three levels of the Danish Education program. The students come from all over the world, in addition to the mentioned countries, there are students from over 40 different countries.

You can also attend Danish lessons online or at UCplus’ other seven language centres distributed around the country.

You will be offered to start at exactly the level that suits the number of years of schooling you have, and your qualifications.

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