UCplus expects a legislative change, which means that the three Official Danish Language Education programmes are expected to become free of charge from July 1st 2020.

At UCplus we have decided that you can get started with free Danish lessons now until 1st of July.

When you sign up, you will be offered free Danish lessons with us until you continue on one of the 3 Danish Language Education programmes.

*maximum for three months from date of registration, if the legislative change, against expectations, is not decided. 

Sign up

You must pay DKK 2,000 in deposit, and you must be prepared to continue on one of the 3 Official Danish Language Education programmes when / if they become free within 3 months.


  • You can start learning Danish now, while you may have some extra time.
  • You will become better at speaking, reading, and writing Danish and get more opportunities In Denmark.
  • You can attend lessons 100% online – and after 27th of May 2020 at one of our 4 language centres or at your educational institution, when we open for classroom teaching again.
  • When you are registered and active at the Danish Language Education programme at UCplus, you will be offered a free mobile subscription. You are registered, once you have paid the deposit.

Read more about the official Danish Language Education programme and sign up here.