Danish and SOSU course in Greve

Get ready for the social and healthcare (SOSU) programme and a future as a social and healthcare helper or social and healthcare assistant with 18 lessons in sector-oriented Danish and mathematics via Preparatory Adult Education (FVU) and 15 hours of weekly internship at a local care centre.

Danish and SOSU course in Greve

The course is of a duration of up to maximum 4 x 13 weeks and will qualify you for admission to an SOSU school. The curation is depending on your indvidual level. We will determine that together with you.

The course combines internship, vocational training, mathematics and sector-oriented Danish via FVU.

The Danish and SOSU course is for those who would like a future career in the care sector. The course gives you the qualifications you need to be admitted to an SOSU school.

The course is taught at UCplus in Greve Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. The internship is carried out at local care centres (not at the moment because of Covid-19).

To be admitted, you must be:

We start new classes every month.

Once you have signed up on this page, we will call you and invite you to a consultation. At the consultation, we will talk about your background and qualifications and help you get started.



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If you would like to know more, please feel free to contact:
Jacob Nordgaard
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