We get you going in Denmark

At UCplus, we have many different Danish courses. Besides the ministerial Danish Education and FVU, we also offer courses focusing on a specific job. We offer SOSU Danish, for example, and we are the only ones who provide the Danish and Driver Education Programme. In addition, we also offer Danish courses at businesses and education institutions.

At UCplus you become part of a network where you can reflect on the impressions and experiences you have in Denmark. An emphasis on networking and sharing good ideas is a natural part of our culture. In class, you learn about the options you have in Danish society in general and in the Danish job market in particular – especially in your local area.

The story of UCplus

UCplus is an ISO 9001-certified ministerial provider of Danish Education. UCplus Centre for Danish Education has existed since 2007 and is certified to provide the official Danish Education as well as FVU and AMU. UCplus is authorized to hold the ministerial Danish Examinations, The Citizenship Test, and the Active Citizenship Test.

The history of UCplus dates even further back, however. UCplus is part of UCplus A/S which, in addition to Danish language courses, offers driver education programmes and introductory courses to the Danish Police College. This means we have more than 40 years of experience providing adult education.

We decided to ensure the quality of our processes by becoming subject to the “Danish Standards” requirements for ISO certification as outlined by the Danish Ministry for Industry, Business and Financial Affairs. More than one million companies and organisations in more than 170 countries are using the quality management standard ISO 9001, making it the most widely used standard in the world. It guarantees good management practices across a number of areas such as quality, environment, and working environment.

Coronavirus in Denmark

UCplus is suspending in-person classes at all UCplus Language Centres from March 16th to March 27th, following government recommendations regarding COVID-19.

Instead, we are transitioning to online platforms and all students will get further information about these from their teachers.

Feel free to contact us at 44870166 or by email at info@ucplus.dk, if you would like to sign up or if you have questions regarding your classes. We are ready to help you.
We are closed for all in-person contact throughout the period.

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